A craftsman for building the next web

Who I am

Hi, my name is Francois and I am a passionated developer.

Although I really enjoy working on the front-end - I don't avoid back-end oriented projects, particularly if that means that I can play with Ruby on Rails :) I am not only interested in the coding-part of a project, but I also really like to accompany an app from designing the architecture to scrawling design mockups on whiteboards.

Coding is not my entire world so that I try to travel around whenever its possible, learn a language or do some sport.

I love building web
applications & games!

What I did

  • Playtin Playtin is a platform for everyone, who wants to build or play mini games in the browser. To achieve this, we build an entire game editor and paint tool with JS and HTML5. playtin.png RoR JS HTML5
  • SliderDiv SliderDiv is a tiny, flexible and easy to use javascript plugin to slide content. It is reduced to its very basic. sliderdiv.jpg Plugin JS
  • RunnersHigh RunnersHigh is a jump & run game for Android, which was created with some study mates in 2011. Beside the app, I also developed the website and ported the game to JS/HTML5 rh_website.jpg Android Java
  • StudyMatch StudyMatch is a social quiz game, where an user has to guess the study of another user based on the picture. smatch.jpg RoR JS
  • Students-App Students-App is an Android application for students, which I made in my Mobile-Application course at University. Due to the lack of time it is still not released in the App-Store. sap_website.jpg Java Android
  • Unitacs "A real time multiplayer strategy browser game (prototype)". The game was made with websockets and NodeJS in 2009 and was also presented at the Creative Frames II in Salzburg. unitacs.jpg NodeJs JS
  • Schueler-Manager A software for students to manage their subjects, grades, dates ... smv3_260.jpg PHP MySQL JS

After you went through the whole world ...

... you may want to get in touch with me:

I really enjoy to attend user groups or barcamps - so let me know if there is one in my area (currently south Germany or Austria).

Checkout my Github or Twitter account.