Let Me Work (V1.1) - Google Chrome Extension


The goal of the extension is to keep you working by keeping you away from sites which distracts you from work.

How it works:

Once you have clicked on the extension icon and you visit a specific website, it redirects you to a site which says "KEEP WORKING". To impede the whole addiction the site gets blocked for 30 minutes.


Install LetMeWork extension Version 1.1

How to:

1. Right-click on the extension icon & click on "options": 2. Enter a keyword into the input field & click on the "add" button. 3. By clicking on the extension icon - you will be blocked from the websites for 30 minutes. The number displays the time in minutes. 4. If you try to open the website you will be redirected.


Of course you can deinstall or deactivate the extension anytime (right click on the icon). Its rather a little motivation to set your focus on work than developing a 100% secure tool, which blocks the websites in any case.


Google Chrome Browser - teste in version 8 and 9.


Repository: https://github.com/webarbeit/Let-Me-Work-Chrome-Extension


+ Fixed: When you close the browser, the blocker will be reactivated.


The LetMeWork extension was developed by www.weberdevelopment.de - Multimedia-Technology student of FH-Salzburg. Version 1.0 was released in February 2011.